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  • 04/24/07 V 1.3
    Added: getTitle
    Added: blur/focus function on Windows module
    Added: onBlur event
    Fixed: WindowCloseKey works with URL content (iframe)
    Fixed: Modal window with a parent != document.body
    Updated: prototype 1.5RC3
    Updated: Dialog handle resizable,minimizable, maximizable, draggable and closable options
    New Theme: Lighting from Emanuel "Mila76"
    New Sample: PWC OS
  • 02/27/07 V 1.2.1 (quick fix of 1.2)
  • - Added: gridX and gridY constructor's options to snap move and resize
    - Added: Effect on modal overlay (fade/appear) only if effects.js in included.
    You can change effect options (Windows.overlayShowEffectOptions and Windows.overlayHideEffectOptions).
    - Fixed: Multimodal mode.
    - Fixed: Works on WebKit.
    - Beta: effects on minimize and maximize. You need to include window_effects.js to have them.
  • 02/17/07 V 1.1
  • - Constructor has been simplified, now you can just do win = new Window().
    By default id is automatically generated and can be passed as options
    win = new Window({id: "my_id", width: 100, height: 100})
    Backward compatibility with old constructor
    win = new Window("my_id", {width: 100, height: 100})
    - Observer event can be passed as window option:
    win = new Window({onClose: function() {alert('close')}}) - parent option can be id or element
    - delegate has been removed (not really usefull) and setCloseCallback has been added instead. (It could be also passed as a constructor's option closeCallback: your_callcback) your_callcabck must return true to be able to close the window
    - add onMove event
    - fixed constraint for minimized window
    - destroyOnClose could be passed as constructor's option:
    win = new Window({destroyOnClose: true})
    - constraint works for maximized windows
    - Dialog ok and cancel parameters has been renamed to onOk and onCancel for coherence (ok and cancel still works)
    - Update to Prototype 1.5 and 1.7
  • 01/14/07 V 1.0
  • - Added changeClassName to dynamically change the look and feel.
    - Added move constraint, which can be on a <div> or document.
    - Full top and bottom bars can now be used to move windows.
    - Fixed computation of window width/height values.
    - Added setURL, getURL, refresh and setHTMLContent. Content can now be changed dynamically.
    - Added a tooltip.js add-on, which lets you dynamically add tooltips on a web page (see samples/tooltips/tooltip.html.

    Thanks to Jonathan Modell from
  • 12/06/06 V 0.99
    - remove addClass that automatically tries to include default.css
    - add wired move/resize with CSS definition (check out sample #1)
    - fix recenterAuto
    - add show to WindowStore to be able to open a window the first time wihtout any cookie and to keep its state when you reload the page (check samples/window_store/html)
  • 11/06/06 V 0.98
    - new optional behavior for multi-level modal window. (See documentation)
    - Two new add-ons (in window_ext.js file) (See documentation)
       + WindowStore to save open/close window status.
       + WindowCloseKey to handle escape key (or any keys) to close windows/dialogs
  • 10/26/06 V 0.97
    - add recenterModal to constructor
    - setAjaxContent eval response request
    - modal window multi level
    - fix close/closeAll issues
    - add addCss (auto add default.css)
  • 09/26/06 V 0.96.3
    - Fixed onClose, no more memory leak and nore issues with sound on IE (even on dialogs)
    - add getLocation
    - Debug select problem on Firefox
    - change mouseup event to onclick event
    - Fixed event propagation on mininize/maximize/close
    - Add frameborder=0
    - Add prototype_window_class_helper.rb by Jorge Díaz (
  • 07/22/06 V 0.96.2
    - Fix select issue in modal window
  • 07/15/06 V 0.96.1
    - Bugs fixed
    - Add isVisible()
    - Update debug.js
  • 07/11/06 V 0.96
    - New events onShow, onHide, onFocus
    - isVisible()
    - Autofit width or height if width or (NOT AND) height is set to null in the constructor
    - updateWidth / updateHeight if you need to update width or height (useful after changing window content if you do not want scrollbar)
    - Add top, left to showCenter(modal, top, left) optional arguments if you need to center only left or top value.
  • 06/30/06 V 0.95
    - Now you can set windows or dialogs content with an Ajax request!!
    - Fixed IE issue when you destroy window with an url that embeds mp3.
    - Fixed buttonClass issue for Dialog.
    - Update samples
  • 06/24/06 V 0.90
    - Valid HTML 1.0 Strict!
    - Fixed minimize function
    - Fixed destroy on window without hide effects
    - No more text selection while dragging
    - Add onMinimize/onMaximize event
  • 06/19/06 V 0.85.2
    - Remove undeclared vars
    - Set top/left to 0 if not specify
    - Destroy objet after hide effect instead of before effect instead
    - getSize
    - add extended_debug.js (from Jason Pollard)
  • 06/13/06 V 0.85.1
    - Fix an IE issue !!
  • 06/12/06 V 0.85
    - Full documentation
    - Autofit width or height for Dialog
    - Better Move/Resize over
    - Allow select in modal window (even on IE)
    - WARNING, ok callback for Dialog now should return true to close the dialog
    - better window HTML code (no more div inside the td)
    - New themes
  • 05/23/06 V 0.80
    - Add setTitle
    - Add setStatusBar
    - Add onload constructor parameter
    - Store minimize/maximize in the cookie (Thanks to Ifran)
    - Add button class for dialog (Thanks to Felix Shnir)
  • 05/08/2006 v0.75
    - Update with 1.6.1 and Prototype 1.5.0_rc1
    - Remove PNG for dialog overlay, use opacity as done in lightbox V2
    - Add Windows.focusedWindow
    - Add name to iframe in case of url window
    - Clean up code, use _ for private function (just name convention)
    - Add function, usefull for for submit or notice info (in Rails)
    - Add minimize and maximize buttons
    - Add alert_lite.css without any images
    - Debug
  • 04/15/2006 v0.70
    - Add autoposition in setContent. The window will at the element location
    - Add draggable/closable parameter if you need to specify is the window is draggable/closable or not
    - Add parent parameter if you need a specific parent instead of body
    - Better resize
    - Add setCookie to store window location/size in a cookie
    - Add parent.html sample
  • 03/29/2006 v0.65
    - Update to Prototype 1.5.0_pre1, 1.6.0
    - Add setDestoyOnClose
    - Add Windows Observer with onStartResize(), onEndResize(), onStartMove(), onEndMove(), onClose(), onDestroy() events
    - Add setContent(id, autoresize)
  • 04/05/2006 v0.6
    - Add Window delegate to manage close action.
    - Add modal mode and Dialog class with common panels: alert, confirm.
    - Clean up HTML code and change caracters to lowercase to be XHTML compliant (thanks to nuxygen and Joseph).
    - Add showEffectOptions, hideEffectOptions, effectOptions to Window constructor (thanks to Jon).
    - Fix checkbox IE bug (big thanks to JCA).
    - Fix other little bugs (thanks to nuxygen, Dennis, and all who sent me emails).
    - Update samples/index.html.
    - Add new sample usng frame (samples/inset.html and samples/inframe.html but use only samples/inset.html).
  • 03/27/2006 v0.51
    - New CSS theme structure .
    - Add url: constructor parameter to have a window with an URL content.
    - Add bottom/right constructor parameters .
    - Update sample files.
  • 03/24/2006 v0.5 : Initial revision